Elsies River

Home is where we belong. It provides a sense of identity, a focus of security and a point of centering and orientation in our world. To be "at home" is to experience a state of being “at one” with one’s world. Indeed, being at home is related to one’s physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being.

Every person deserves a place to call “home.” This ideal is no less true for the older person with less financial means. At Nazareth House Elsies River we seek, with our limited resources, to create a sense of home for our older Residents. Our facility offers multiple levels of care that Residents may require. This continuum of care, ranging from assisted living care to nursing care, which provide a seamless transition giving our Residents the sense of peace and security they need. Financial assistance from the residents are minimal. Trained volunteer workers from the surrounding civic community, to assist our staff, would be a huge blessing in disguise.

About us

Nazareth House Elsies River is a haven for the most impoverished and neglected old people. In 1986 the Sisters of Nazareth identified a desperate need to provide a haven for the frail and impoverished elderly people of this previously disadvantaged community. Despite political restrictions in the early years, the Sisters of Nazareth opened this 30 bed home to provide nursing residential care to the people of the surrounding areas. Donations of cash or goods are always received with great gratitude.

Home for the Aged

Security, dignity, comfort and peace

For a frail elderly person without family or finances, life can be a terrifying ordeal. Add other various debilitating physical and mental diseases that affect the elderly, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and the options become even more limited. With Government subsidised homes for the aged stretched to the limit, care of these vulnerable elderly people fall onto the shoulders of organisations such as ours. We feel that caring for the elderly is a privilege as each one has made a valuable contribution to society in his or her own way. A complement of qualified nursing personnel and care workers ensure the dignity and wellbeing of every resident and variety of activities keep everyone busy, the mind and body are stimulated.

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