Children’s programs

As a registered Child And Youth Care Facility, we can accommodate up to 64 children. All children are placed with us by the courts through the Children’s Act 38 of 2005.

Some children are only placed with us for short periods as a means of protection in emergency situations, while others are placed with us for the longer term because of their special medical needs. Nazareth House is also able to provide specialist care for children with terminal illnesses and or severe chronic conditions as well as therapeutic activities by our full-time occupational therapist and specialised Social Workers

Every child at some stage longs to find their roots, who they really are and who they belong to. We owe it to them to do all we can to help them find the answers. We believe that children of all abilities should grow up in a nurturing home environment. Our priority is always, wherever possible, stabilise and reunite these children with their families, through Family Reunification, or to place them in loving foster care.


Khuseleka Cottage – Place of SafetyChildren's Program- Khuseleka

Nazareth House works closely with the South African Police Service, Missing Person’s Unit and Child Protection Services to provide an emergency place of safety for babies and children who have been abandoned, traumatised and abused or removed from their family for their own protection.

This is a short-term, court sanctioned intervention until they can be reunited with their parents, placed with extended family members or suitable foster care can be found. Due to the circumstances that some of the children come from they need to feel safe and comforted when they arrive, hence the need for specialized care to be available at all times.

Ons Tuis Cottage – Special needsChildren's Program- Ons Tuis

Nazareth House provides long-term residential care to children ranging from ages 5 years to 18 years who have very special needs and absolutely no other source of care and support. These severely physically and mentally challenged children all with variety of disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, live in a purpose-built cottage on the grounds of Nazareth House in Vredehoek, Cape Town. Due to the severity of their conditions, they require 24 hour devotion.

Sacred Heart GirlsSacred Heart Cottage – Senior Girls

This cottage is a home to teenage girls, who have been able to attend mainstream school and live relatively normal lives as a family unit. Once they reach adulthood, they make the choice of whether to return home to their families or receive further assistance from Nazareth House. We provide a disengagement program to young girls who have been in our care from a young age, to equip them for life outside of the home. They are encouraged to live more independently after they complete their schooling.

_MG_1091St Michael’s – Special Care Unit

In the last year we have seen a huge increase in applications to admit very severe and chronically disabled children, where no further medical intervention is possible. Normally these children would lie in a hospital ward or institution and end their lives within a clinical environment, as their families have either abandoned them, or can no longer care for them.

These children have very specific medical needs, which home-based care cannot alleviate. We have just finalised the refurbishing and renovation of this unit to ensure that the children are in a more suitable child-friendly environment.

Today the unit offers around-the-clock palliative and terminal care to medically vulnerable children living with life-threatening conditions.